Day: October 17, 2023

Synthetic Grass InstallationSynthetic Grass Installation

synthetic grass installation

Synthetic grass installation is easy and affordable with a professional landscape company. A synthetic lawn is environmentally friendly, reducing landfills and saving water. It provides a soft and durable playing surface for children, pets, and adults. In addition, it resists fading and requires little maintenance. Precision SYNLawn New York artificial grass is used for a variety of purposes, from dog runs to home lawns and commercial landscaping.

Before laying your artificial turf it is recommended that you lay down a geotextile barrier to reduce the risk of weed growth and protect against rodents. A geotextile barrier is a tightly woven weed blocker that can be purchased from an artificial turf supplier or from a landscaping and gardening supply business.

Transform Your Yard with Synthetic Grass: A Step-by-Step Installation Process

To prepare the base for your artificial grass, spread a layer of builder’s sand to create a level surface and compact it with a tamper or 2X2 piece of plywood and rubber hammer until it is firm. Then spread a layer of crusher dust that is free from any large rocks and then tamp again. The grading of the base material is very important for drainage, so use a bubble level, string, and a landscaping rake to grade flat surfaces to a 2-3% slope (a 2-3 foot drop per 100 feet) towards any drain or curb.

Once the base is finished and tamped, you can roll out your artificial turf. Stretch it with a carpet stretcher shortly before seaming to eliminate wrinkles and help reduce expansion caused by heat. Once you’ve stretched the turf, brush it down evenly with a push or power broom to make the blades stand up and look natural.