Day: October 23, 2023

Live Resin Canada – Why It’s So DeliciousLive Resin Canada – Why It’s So Delicious

live resin canada

live resin canada  is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates in Canada, and it has a great reason to be. Unlike most extracts that use dried and cured weed, live resin uses flash-frozen fresh buds to preserve a plant’s unique profile into a delicious terpene-forward extract. At Low Price Bud, we carry a premium selection of top-shelf live resin from strains on both sides of the Indica/Sativa spectrum.

To make live resin, a bud is frozen with a cryogenic freezer (think Han Solo in Star Wars) so that the trichomes that are responsible for a flower’s potent aroma and flavour remain in a more robust state. The trichomes are then separated from the rest of the plant matter using solvent extraction methods like butane, propane, and rosin. The resulting extract is then purged of leftover solvent to ensure purity and safety. Once purged, the remaining live resin can be left untouched to create a shatter-like appearance, or mixed with other solvent-free extraction byproducts like hash, budder, and oil to become a sauce, crumble, or dab.

Chill in the North: Exploring the Best Live Resin Options in Canada

When smoked, the live resin produces an intense high that is known to be potent and effective at relieving pain. It also delivers a smooth smoke with a rich, complex terpene profile that is sure to impress connoisseurs and recreational users alike. As new research is focusing on terpenes, it’s becoming increasingly clear that they work together with cannabinoids to produce specific psychoactive and medicinal effects.