Day: November 8, 2023

Online Dispensary Vancouver – How to Spot a Legitimate Online Marijuana StoreOnline Dispensary Vancouver – How to Spot a Legitimate Online Marijuana Store

If you’re in the market for premium weed in Vancouver, Online Dispensary Vancouver might be your best bet. Not only are they Canada’s top mail-order marijuana company, but they partner with the most talented legacy growers to bring you the freshest buds around at pocket-friendly prices. They also offer an outstanding collection of edibles, concentrates and more from the top brands in the industry. Plus, creating an account gives you exclusive discounts and offers on all your purchases.

Are online dispensaries legal in BC?

Local dispensaries in Vancouver can be hit or miss. It’s not uncommon to find weed that’s 8-10 months old in provincially-authorized stores. And while a few fresh batches pop up every once in a while, most of them simply rely on one Richmond-based government distributor for their supplies.

This means that most local dispensaries only have access to a small selection of the many high-quality strains and products available. And that’s why online marijuana stores are becoming increasingly popular.

But with so many online dispensaries out there, how can you tell if they’re legit? First, look for a contact page and customer service number. These are a good indication that the store is legitimate and will treat you fairly. Secondly, check the website for user reviews. This isn’t an absolute indicator of quality, but if there are lots of positive comments, this is a good sign that you’re dealing with a reputable seller. And finally, make sure to compare prices between weed shops before making your decision. The most reputable online marijuana retailers will match or beat the prices of local dispensaries.