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Difference Between Social Games and Online Games

One of the biggest questions that arises from any gamer’s mind is – what is the difference between online games and social games? To understand this you have to first know what they are. Social games refer to those websites where you can get a chance to socialize with other players from around the world. This type of game generally requires that you are online at the time of the game and thus you’re not required to connect to the internet. A great example would be Mabinogi, a very old online game.


Online games on the other hand, are essentially online versions of classic board games. This means that while there may be physical pieces on the playing field, players are still required to engage in the act of playing the game. Players need not worry about other players, because they are all in their own virtual space. Examples of these games include Scrabble, Quiplash and Solitaire. The point of these games is not so much the competition as it is about strategy and skill. While playing online, you also get the chance to chat with other players and help them reach their goal.


The biggest difference between online and offline versions of a game is the communication aspect. In an online game, you get a chance to share your ideas and thoughts with another player and can do so with just a simple click of the mouse. On the other hand, in a real life face-to-face interaction is virtually impossible. So if you want to play a game and interact with other people, you simply need to visit your favorite store or go online. But be careful, many sites are out there that actually sells imitation (imitation) authentic game pieces which may be of great fun while pretending to play a game but can’t actually help you win any real money!

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