Catsudon Tech How to Display FIDs for Airports

How to Display FIDs for Airports

How to display FIDs for Airports

FIDS aiscreen are an integral part of every airport. They help in guiding passengers to the correct gate area and check-in counter, while also helping airport staff manage operations efficiently. Moreover, the dynamic information displayed on these airport screens can entertain travellers while also keeping them perpetually updated about their flight status and schedules.

The flight information display system, known as FIDS, is a central database that allows airlines to communicate flight operations on airport LCD monitors. The system is capable of automatically distributing flight information to gate, staff, baggage claim and other monitors throughout the airport. FIDS can be customized to display information on various screen sizes, languages and formats.

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Airport FIDS can display a variety of information to passengers, including the destination and layovers for each flight. It can also indicate any departure/arrival delays, which may be caused by weather or other reasons. This information can be provided to passengers in a timely manner and will help them make informed decisions about their travel plans.

Additionally, FIDS can highlight urgent flight information using a tile format, and it can even flash yellow to alert passengers of any changes. The urgency tiles can be based on data entered by the gate agents, and the system can even use the passenger name to determine the most important information to share. This can impact passenger flow and encourage ancillary spending, and it is a great way to manage disruptions effectively.

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