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Permissive Discipline

permissive discipline

If you avoid saying “no” to your kids or allow them to choose their own rules, you may be using permissive discipline. This parenting style lacks consequences and structure, which can negatively affect children. Fortunately, with consistent follow-through and clear explanations of the rules, parents can teach their kids the value of guidelines.

permissive discipline often plays a friendship role with their kids and offers little guidance or direction. They are warm and nurturing and their expectations are low. This is the opposite of authoritative parenting which is often seen as a cold and distant approach to child rearing.

This Parenting Style Often Leads to Bad Outcomes

Indulgent parents rarely enforce consequences for misbehavior. They often ignore, laugh off, or dismiss a child’s bad behavior as “just being a kid.” This can lead to poorly-adjusted kids who have trouble following rules or keeping their emotions under control. They can also have difficulty relating to others and making friends.

Kids raised with permissive parents struggle to self-regulate their behaviors and emotions, which can lead to poor eating habits and time management. They are less likely to stick with a schedule and may spend hours in front of screens, which can be harmful to their mental health. Developing healthy emotional regulation skills is key to success in life. The first step is becoming aware of what you’re feeling and deciding how to manage it. It’s a process that takes practice, but it’s essential to the success of your children and their future.

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