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Third Reich Flags

The third reich flags used a wide range of flags, many designed specifically for their purposes. These were mostly personal standards and command flags, but the Reich service flag was also commonly used. All the flags featured the swastika, representing “Aryan” race supremacy. In the 1930s, the party tightened regulations on who could use which flag, reducing flexibility and making it harder for people to express their political preferences through a specific configuration of colors.

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During the chaotic 1920’s, when the SA carried out the Beer Hall Putsch, this was their standard flag. It features a red field with white horizontal and vertical bars emanating from the center, as well as a black-and-white bordered swastika. This is the type of banner that would have been hung on a balcony or bridge, or even from a telegraph pole.

A personal standard of a Reich minister, with the name of the ministry and a large swastika in the center. The design was probably inspired by the Thule-Gesellschaft, a Munich based nationalist occultist group with which the early Nazis had close ties.

This is a very nice example of a Reich service flag. It was the official flag of the German Navy between 1928 and January 1943, when Erich Raeder was promoted to Grossadmiral. He had succeeded Ernst RAPhm as commander-in-chief of the navy, and later was replaced by Karl Donitz. It’s a little larger than the second pattern service flag, measuring approximately 30x30cm, and is made from heavy cotton/rayon bunting, with a single tunnel looped suspension rope at the hoist edge.

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