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Visiting Geelong Pathology Museum

geelong pathology

If you were to look up Geelong, you’d probably be interested in the Geelong Pathology Museum. It is a fascinating museum that features plenty of interesting displays on human anatomy in general. It would be highly informative to take a look around. For example, there are lots of displays that depict diseases of the human form. There is even a section on infectious disease that showcases some of the frightening diseases of the past. If you were to go to this museum on a rainy afternoon, you could even do a little bit of research on yourself to see what diseases might have affected you.

How to Do Visiting Geelong Pathology Museum

Another great thing to do while at Geelong is to visit the Llandudno Site of the Royal Laboratory of Microscopy. Here, you can get to view a display with human cadavers and even autopsies. Of course, you could also do research on human anatomy through the microscope if you so desire. If you are still interested after visiting the laboratory, you can actually sign up for a bit of autopsies or pathology lessons there.

Overall, if you would like to learn more about the human body and how diseases come about, then visiting the Geelong Pathology Museum would be a good idea. Aside from that, you could also look into other things like the National Trust Museum which features local history and culture through its interactive exhibits. You would also need to check out the science museum which would keep you interested with such things as solar systems, space, and even dinosaur bones.

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