Catsudon blog Vital Multivitamin – A Well-Balanced Blend of Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Vital Multivitamin – A Well-Balanced Blend of Essential Vitamins and Minerals

vital multivitamin

Vital multivitamin: A well-balanced blend of vitamins & minerals to support optimum nutrition and good health.

Our formula contains 41 essential vital multivitamin & minerals to ensure your body is fully stocked with the nutrients it needs. It is also dairy, wheat, gluten, yeast & GMO free, and it does not contain artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colouring agents.

Vitamin C, zinc, selenium and copper contribute to the normal function of the immune system, while vitamin A, B6, B12 & folic acid contribute to the maintenance of normal red blood cells. Optimal amounts of all of these nutrients are crucial for your wellbeing and are often deficient in modern lifestyles.

The USPSTF reviewed 4 RCTs and 1 cohort study evaluating the health outcomes of multivitamin supplementation (1-3). There was no effect on all-cause mortality or cardiovascular disease in these trials. However, 2 trials assessed cancer outcomes and found a small reduction in cancers and cataracts associated with multivitamin use (3).

Why a Vital Multivitamin is Essential for Optimal Health and Well-Being

One trial of the combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin D was unable to show a benefit in preventing heart disease in men but did suggest a reduction in strokes (4). A small reduction in breast cancer was reported (5), but the evidence is not strong enough to recommend these supplements for the primary prevention of breast cancer or other cancers.

Many people take supplements for a variety of reasons, including to avoid nutritional deficiencies caused by poor diet or chronic disease, or to boost their intake of certain nutrients. Taking too much of any nutrient or consuming vitamins and minerals in excess may lead to negative health effects, including bone loss, high cholesterol levels, and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

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