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What Are Bunting Flag Pennants And How Did They Evolve?

If you have ever watched an air show or a football game, you may have seen the teams using bunting flags. A bunting flag is a flag, cloth, or even fabric material that is used by the teams as an indication of which team is in possession of the ball. One can also be said to be used by players for practice. But what exactly are they and how did they evolved into what they are today?

Where Is The Best What Are Bunting Flag Pennants And How Did They Evolve?

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The bunting flag came into being as a simple design of a rectangle with an X through it in the middle. As such its use can be traced back to the Ancient Roman and Greek sports which in those days did not have uniforms but only had colorful clothes and they used these colors as a way of identifying themselves. Baling was a practice that was done for a game called rugby, which is played between two different teams. The fabric that was used for this purpose was simple – typically wool with an added color dye as a dye sublimation to give the colors that were produced.

In the 20th Century, with World War I around the corner, soldiers on both sides began wearing these colorful garments as a way to identify themselves to each other. The material that they chose was cotton and because this was the time when the industrial revolution took place and mass production became possible, bunting was produced as well. These pennants or bunting flags were produced in large numbers and the manufacturers of these products could gain an advantage over the competition in their business. With the passing of time and the need to save on cost, the material that was used in manufacturing bunting was changed from cotton to nylon. This change made them cheaper and thus more affordable and readily available to the public.

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